20 Day Pick (Coz I’m bored like hell)

Day 1: Five things you plan to do
Day 2: Five movies you last
Day 3: Last five songs you’ve
listened to
Day 4: Last Five books you’ve read
Day 5: Last five places you’ve been
Day 6: Five favourite colours in
Day 7: Five hobbies.
Day 8: Five favourite bands/
musicians/ artists.
Day 9: Five things you can see
around you right now.
Day 10 Five favourite foods.
Day 11: Five favourite fictional
Day 12: Five cartoon shows you
used to watch as a kid.
Day 13: Five things you couldn’t
care less about that everyone else loves.
Day 14: Five websites you visit
Day 15: Five crushes you’ve had.
Day 16: Five girl crushes.
Day 17: Five people you talk to on
a regular basis.
Day 18: Five things you want right
Day 19: Five countries you want to
Day 20: Five things you can’t live


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