Top Maroon 5 Songs

Actually, there’s no need to enumerate what’s best from Maroon 5. Basta Maroon 5 and boses ni Adam Levine ♥, favorite na yan, matic na!

I’m a super fan here and til now frustrated pa din ako na hindi ako nakanood nung Overexposed Tour nila last September here in Philippines. Sabi ko nun manonood ako, birthday gift for myself sana kaso.. thesis! Damn you thesis! Thesis dre! Inubos ng thesis yung pera kong pambili sana ng ticket, pati oras ko kinuha na rin 😐

So yun, two months ng unstoppable yung Damby sa phone ko. *Damby, pangalan ng Maroon 5 playlist ko.. short for.. alam na! Adam Baby!* Hi, Adam! ♥

As I said lahat ng kanta ng Maroon 5 favorite ko, nagkataon lang na super mega favorite ko tong ilalagay ko sa Top 10 ko, so malamang sila talaga most fave ko 🙂

Top 10

1. Nothing Lasts Forever –It Won’t Be Soon Before Long

2. Never Gonna Leave This Bed – Hands All Over

3. Must Get Out –Songs About Jane

4. Better That We Break –It Won’t Be Soon Before Long

5. Won’t Go Home –It Won’t Be Soon Before Long

6. The Air That I Breathe –Hands All Over

7. Makes Me Wonder – It Won’t Be Soon Before Long

8. Stutter –Hands All Over

9. She Will Be Loved –Songs About Jane

10. Just A Feeling –Hands All Over

And kung mapapansin niyo, I haven’t included any songs from their Overexposed album, bagong bagong pa kasi and I’m still getting crazy over over it! Iba kasi sa pandinig since pop rockdance-pop disco and reggae yung theme nila dito \m/

So here’s my Top 5 most fave (most memorized) song from Overexposed Album.

1. The Man Who Never Lied

2. Daylight

3. Beautiful Goodbye

4. Love Somebody

5. Payphone

The next time na magcoconcert sila sa Philippines, i’ll make sure na manonood na talaga ako!

Maroon 5 ♡ Men, you are the best!


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